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The Dotbox Dual Mech by Dotmod is a mechanical mod which brings out the unusual. Functioning with 2 x 18650 batteries, the Dotbox Dual Mech has in effect an internal selector which allows you the utilise the batteries either in parallel or in series. The Dotmod Box is reserved for experienced vapers which find all the quality of the brand: Anodized Aluminium, a softer touch and top quality fabrication.

The Dotbox Dual Mech is made by Dotmod.

Batteries Non Included

Product Description

The Dotbox Dual Mech, Dotmod proposes the new superb mod in Anodized Aluminum. Functioning with the 2 x 18650 batteries (non-included), the box offers a typical mechanical vape. Gracious to the selector present on the inside of the Dotbox Dual Mech, it can in effect pass to an assembly in series to an assembly in parallel for a completely different use.
The frame and removable panels are made in Anodized Aluminum which are light and agreeable to touch. We find the Dotmod stamp which makes all the difference. We equally find a magnificent start switch on the side of the box, the same height as your thumb. The Dotbox Dual Mech remains an ergonomic model gracious to the rounded angles for a hold in the hand and agreeable utilization.

ON the inside of the DotBox Dual Mech, a selector allows you to start and stop your Mech Mod. But that is not all. It also allows you to select whether you choose both 18650 batteries (non-included). You will also have the possibility to pass from an assembly in series to an assembly in parallel in a few seconds. A revolutionary principal! In these 2 cases, it is advised to use identical batteries and also in very excellent condition. Dotmod recommends the utilization of the batteries with the CDM in 30A. Note: the selector can be easily manipulated gracious to the removable cap of the DotBox Dual Mech. Clever!

In serie, the voltage of the batteries are doubled (2 x 4, 2V with fully charged batteries. In consequence the DotBox Dual Mech supplies alot of power and boosts the coils in a very short reaction time. The position of the selector in series mode which is ideal for cloud-chasing. Be careful all the same, this mode can appear dangerous in-case of bad utilization. To vape in all security in this way, the value of the coil (or coils) must have multi coils and must not be less than 0.60 ohm.

The Parallel position, the discharge of the 2 batteries are doubled, but the total output voltage is 4.2. The autonomy in consequence increases the vaping time. This position allows you to use low based coils. It is therefore more adapted to multi coils. It is not necessary to have coils lower than 0.20 ohms.

The 2 x 18650 batteries for the DotBox Dual Mech must be installed with the positive pole towards the top of the mod. The selector turned towards the left selections the parallel mode with a voltage of 4.2V. The selector turned towards the right selections the Series mode with a voltage of 8.4V. The start switch can be replaced if needed by screwing the panel behind the mod. The DotBox Dual Mech integrates the protection circuit via 2 fuses of 30A incorporated in the selector.

  • 1 DotBox Dual Meca
  • 2 Removeable Panels
  • 1 Utilisation Notice
  • 1 Authenticity Certificate


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