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Despite the wide variety of SMOK coils available, choosing the ideal one doesn't have to be difficult. There are several various varieties, and each has ohm variants. To help you get the most out of your tank and vaping experience, we're here to assist you identify your SMOK coil which according to us are better than your regular coils and they also known as an atomizer head.

What are Coils and How Do They Work?

Before we dive into our guide to SMOK coils, it’s important to know what actually are coils and how do they work. One of the most crucial components of any vaping device is the coil, although some people don't know much about them. In this blog, we hope to clarify what a coil is and how it functions for your easement. Simply explained, a coil/atomiser is the part of any e-cigarette that warms up your e-liquid and vaporises it, creating the vapour you breathe in and out.

In most cases, the coil is made of a metal outer shell, a cotton fibre cylinder, and a metal coil itself (the part in the middle that looks like a spring). The coil functions similarly to a light bulb; as your mod begins to transmit power through it, the resistance of the metal coil causes it to heat up. The e-liquid is subsequently heated by the metal coil and turns into vapour as a result in the cotton fibre cylinder that surrounds it. There are many coils that you can purchase for various devices, but they all operate on the same, really basic principle of heating a metal element with a known electrical resistance in order to vaporise your e-liquid.

Introduction To SMOK Coils

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The SMOK brand has constantly been one that sets new standards rather than one that follows market trends. Since its inception, the company has been at the forefront of new technology, whether it is with its SMOK Box Mods or its extensive collection of SMOK coils

The Trinity Alpha Kit, the SMOK NORD AIO Pod System, the SMOK VAPE PEN NORD 19 & 22, and the SMOK NORD AIO 19 & 22 Starter Kits are the only devices that the SMOK coils are compatible with. They do not fit any other SMOK tanks or devices.

Different Types of Tanks and Pods From SMOK

There are ideal SMOK products for vapers of all skill levels including the newbies to vaping, ranging from SMOK Vape Pens vaping devices to entire Starter Kits. The SMOK brand has a wide range of pod mod and vape pen options for beginning vapers and those who desire a discreet experience. The SMOK store offers some of the top sub-ohm and box mod devices for individuals who desire maximal vape production and need greater control over their experience. The following are a few of the most notable SMOK Box Mods: The SMOK Arcfox 230W Kit is a twin 18650 beast that is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. It boasts a 7.5mL vape juice capacity for the best sub-Ohm vaping experience.

One of the top-selling pod systems for 2019 was Novo. It is adored due to its portability and tiny, practical size. Now, SMOK has updated it. The brand-new SMOK Novo 4 includes a larger battery, a wider range of wattages, a new pod design, and a selection of fresh coils. It's one of the best pod systems money can buy, to put it simply. Perfect for both new and experienced vapers. It has a 0.6 Ohm coil for sub-Ohm vaping and a 1.4 Ohm MTL coil for those who like a cigarette-like experience.


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SMOK Nord Series is one of the most successful SMOK product line. A multifunctional pod vape from SMOK is called the Nord. It shares many characteristics with the Novo while also bringing some special advantages of its own. The Nord uses 3 mL pods and has replaceable coil heads that may be used for mouth-to-lung and direct lung vaping. It can produce up to 15 watts of power and has a battery capacity of 1100 mAh. Currently, 13 various colours with a cobra pattern or resin-style design are available for the Nord.

The Nord pods have a strong plastic shell and can accommodate 3 mL of vape juice. The Nord can now use four different types of coils. In contrast to the 0.8-ohm mesh MTL coils and 1.0-ohm ceramic MTL coils, which are available individually, the package includes 0.6-ohm direct lung mesh coils and 1.4-ohm conventional mouth to lung coils.

Types of Nord Available

More flavour and nicotine is delivered by the 0.6ohm Nord SMOK coils, but significantly less vapour is produced. The 5 types of Nords that are available include Mesh 0.6 ohm, Mesh 0.6ohm, Mesh 1.4ohm, 0.8 ohm Ceramic, 1.4 Ceramic..


Real Pod Mod, also known as the RPM Series from SMOK, is a type of vaping pod system that fills the gap between pod systems and box mods and gives both novice and experienced users searching for more portable solutions a taste of the full vaping experience in a single device. In a different blog post, you can read more about the many kinds of pod systems and pod mods. The possibilities available to users of RPM Series devices, Mag Pod Kits, Alike Kits, Pozz X, SCAR P3/5, Fetch Mini, Nord 2, Nord X, and Fetch Pro have been increased as a result of these coil options. The whole series of RPM Coils from SMOK can be used on some pods and is compatible with several of their most current offerings.

RPM SMOK Coils Types

Triple, Quartz, Mesh, and SC are the four different SMOK RPM Replacement Coil Pack varieties. For the SMOK RPM40 Kit, they were designed. Users can customise their devices to match their preferred coil preferences by using these coils. These coils allow both Direct Lung and Mouth to Lung vaping techniques. The two o-rings on top and one o-ring at the base of each replacement coil offer an easy plug-and-play mechanism.

Nord vs. RPM – What's The Difference?

This Smok vape set is compact, light, and hazy. The genuine pod mod derives its name from the fact that it has mod-like characteristics in a pod-style kit. The gadget has an integrated IQ-R chip that reduces the firing time to 0.001S and speeds up battery charging. The Smok RPM40 is only 25 mm wide and 99 mm tall. Despite its diminutive size, it has a powerful airflow system and a maximum power of 40 watts. The buttons beneath the 0.96-inch LCD can be used to change the wattage. You can also monitor the battery level, puff number, voltage and resistance on this panel. Either a 0.6 or 0.4 ohm resistance coil is used in the kit. Along with the dual airflow, this coil ensures exceptional flavour and a pleasurable vape. Smok RPM40 comes with a 2ml pod that is simple to refill. You can repeatedly fill this pod with your favourite e-liquid. With a selection of 12 colorways, there is bound to be something that matches your aesthetic. This kit, in our opinion, is excellent for both beginning vapers and seasoned veterans. You'll enjoy how small it is, how quickly the 1500mah battery charges, and how wonderful flavour and cloud are still produced.

Although the Smok Nord battery is a little bit smaller than the Smok RPM40, its 1100mAh capacity should be plenty for the entire day. It is still twice as big as Smok vape Novo, its predecessor. Although the Smok Nord lacks an LED screen, it does include a battery indication that is displayed using LED lights, so you shouldn't be caught unprepared. We adore how comfortable this kit is to hold. The mouthpiece has a curvature to fit your lips precisely. Instead of simply inhaling, you must press the fire button to activate your vape tank. On both the Smok Nord and the Smok RPM40, this is the same. You can repeatedly fill the 2ml EU-approved pod included in this kit with your preferred e-liquid. Instead of replacing the entire tank, you will just need to change the coil. For sub-ohm vaping and clouds, the coil recommended for this kit is either 0.6 ohm, or 1.4 ohm for conventional mouth-to-lung vaping. This coil's increased resistance is perfect for giving you a throat hit. There is no screen on this Smok vape, and you cannot change the wattage like you can with the Smok RPM40. However, this is an excellent gadget if you want something straightforward that provides flavour, throat punch, and cloud.

Which Smok Nord Pod / RPM Pod coils are the best for Mouth To Lung?

When it comes to the Nord Pod, we suggest the Nord 0.8 ohm Mesh MTL Coils if you're using Nic Salt E-Liquid, as we previously indicated, and the Nord 1.4 normal or ceramic if you're using purebase nicotine e-liquid. The biggest distinction between the two is that the ceramic is incredibly silent and provides a smoother hit than the conventional, which uses a little bit more juice and becomes hotter than the ceramic.

We would suggest the Smok RPM MTL DC 0.8 ohm or the RPM Quartz 1.2 ohm Coils if you prefer to use an RPM coil instead. For more information, see this review on Smok RPM Coils. The key distinction is between the RPM Quartz 1.2 Ohm Coils' superior throat hit and the 0.8 MTL's superior cloud creation. The Quartz 1.2 Ohm Coil, which operates at 12W and delivers a similar throat hit, is without a doubt the perfect coil for you if you're looking at them for pure base nicotine e-juices.

Which Smok Nord Pod / RPM Pod coils are best for Direct To Lung?

The Nord 0.6 ohm Mesh Coils, which are superior on both cloud production and in delivering powerful flavour, are the only actual best option for the Nord Pod. hThe RPM 0.4 ohm Mesh Coils, which are also included in the box of all devices, are the best at producing both flavour and cloud production when we go on to the RPM Pod. The Triple 0.6 ohm Coils are the best option if you've tried it and want to explore all your alternatives.

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