Cloud Chemist & Coil Spill E-Juices: The New and Best Vape Flavors in Pakistan

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Cloud Chemist & Coil Spill E-Juices: The New and Best Vape Flavors in Pakistan

It's crucial to choose the best vape juice. Why would you use e-juice if you didn't enjoy using it? The flavour and quality of the vape juice are what actually matter, even if any e-juice will produce vapour and give the user nicotine.

Best Vape Flavours in Pakistan

Vape juice and e-liquid flavours come in a wide variety. We have all your favourites with the most affordable vape flavour price in Pakistan. The most typical groups are as follows:

Fruity: One of the most well-liked flavours is fruity. They are easy to recognise and uncomplicated.

Dessert: Examples of this include cakes, pastries, and other sweet dishes. Although they might be categorised separately, chocolate and cream/custard could potentially be a part of this group.

Tobacco: These e-liquids, sometimes called RY4s, include tobacco and other ingredients.

Menthol: This may refer to the traditional menthol found in cigarettes or to other menthol flavours like peppermint or pure mint.

Candy: Candy flavours are unique to candies and are typically based on classic, authentic candies or sweets.

Drinks: While versions of coffee and tea are more widespread in vape juice beverage flavours, cocktails are also getting more and more well-liked.

Vape Juices in Pakistan

One thing is certain: if you don't enjoy a particular fruit when you eat it, you probably won't enjoy it when you vape it. The most popular e-liquid tastes are fruit flavours since they are typically more realistic and tasty than other e-liquid flavours. Fruit e-liquids are also fantastic all-year-round for vaping. On the other hand, custards can appear to be particularly heavy during the summer. Additionally, they frequently lack the gratifying custard tongue feel that most vapers seek. Some vapers (including former smokers) detest fruity flavours, while others can't stand the flavour of tobacco. To find the taste and brand of vape juice that you like most, it can take a lot of trial and error. Fortunately, most juices fall into common flavour categories (although there can be some crossover). Check out our favourite vape juice in Pakistan below. Just keep in mind that taste is a personal preference. However, we believe that you should try out these vape juices.

Cloud Chemist E-Liquid

To provide vapers a tasty e-juice and best vape flavour alternative to smoking, The Cloud Chemist was founded. They want to provide e-juice that is prepared with the best vape juice ingredients at a fair price. A husband and wife team run The Cloud Chemist, a four-time award-winning "Mom and Pop" e-juice company. The Cloud Chemist is a Long Island, New York based company established in the spring of 2016.

The Cloud Chemist e-liquids are available in 100ml short fill bottles in 0mg nicotine strength. These e-liquids feature a 70% VG ratio, ideal for use with sub-ohm devices with a focus on rich flavour. Some of our favourite Cloud Chemist flavours include

Heisenberry Crunch

With a taste of blueberry flavour cereal almost everyone loved as a kid, Heisenberry Crunch is perfect for you if you loved cereal in your breakfast growing up. It has a somewhat sweet cereal grainy flavour to it, but the blueberry marshmallow is what really makes this cereal milk e-liquid even more flavourful. It's slightly sweet and incredibly fluffy, this e-juice really nailed the marshmallow, and once you start smoking it, you are sure to get hooked to this rich flavour giving you blueberry notes with each inhale and exhale.

Frosty Science Strawberry

Frosty Science Strawberry is a strawberry vape juice, sweet, sugary, flaky cereal with a creamy milk finish. This flavour will undoubtedly transport you back to your childhood! Delicious creamy milkiness shines through on the inhale with this creamy milk e-liquid, accompanied with a hint of graininess from the cereal flakes. The graininess lingers until the exhale, when the strawberry notes in the milk begin to emerge. The strawberry's gentle sweet flavour tempts you to take another puff. After exhaling, the sugary cereal infused milk flavour stays wonderfully on the mouth, making this an excellent freebase juice in Pakistan with your morning coffee or as a dessert after a meal.

Looking Glass Iced

Imagine having fresh and ripe fruits on a warm summer day. That is exactly what Looking Glass Iced by Cloud Chemist is all about. This sweet fruity flavour vape juice is a delectable iced combination that brings out the sweetness of watermelon, juicy kiwi, and strawberries. This vibrant e-juice is one of the best sweet e-juices and will enlighten your senses while making you feel fresh with its fruity and intense flavour.

Optical Illusion

Do you want to escape from the reality for a little while and dive into a blend of sweet fruits? This is exactly what Optical Illusion by The Cloud Chemist, a USA e- liquid is all about. It’s an e-juice that is a rainbow of tastes swirling with luscious mango and melon that will make you doubt your own reality. This sweet mango vape juice is bound to take you on a delicious fruity ride with each inhale.

 Coil Spill Vape Juice

For those who want to have the better things in life, Coil Spill vape juice is a flavorful and elegant range of vape juice. Coil Spill is a company you do not want to overlook because of their exquisite, skillfully created flavours housed in lovely, artistic packaging. The Coil Spill range consists of five delectable flavours that each have their own unique flavour profile.


RKOI is a delicious and tasty strawberry champagne with a clean, crisp finish and a refreshing flavor. To celebrate, some folks drink champagne; we vape it all day! This is a delicious strawberry vape juice with a champagne flavour will leave you wanting more. On the inhale, you can taste strawberries, and on the exhale, you can taste fresh champagne. The juicy blend of flavours of strawberry and champagne will explode your taste buds while giving you a satisfying nicotine rush. This vape juice will make you find yourself coming back for more time to time.

Bottle Service

Strawberry infused champagne with a pleasant menthol edge, Bottle Service is one of the best e-juices and a fan favourite! This sweet e-liquid will offer you a frothy champagne sensation with a few more hints to make this cocktail taste like something you've never had before. As you continue to sip this cocktail vape flavour, you'll see the sweet taste of numerous strawberries emerge. The icy sensation from the menthol will give you a cool throat hit making you feel refreshed!

Baker’s Daughter

Do you have a sweet tooth and are a fan of white chocolate? If yes then Baker’s Daughter is a chocolate flavour e-juice that is just for you! A sweet sugar biscuit with hints of white chocolate and velvety melted marshmallows, this chocolate flavor juice is sweet, warming, and delicious vape that's excellent for the fall season! Made in USA, this cookie vape flavour is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Layover is the kind of e-juice that will straight up give you breakfast feels. And who doesn’t love a delicious breakfast? Pretty sure we all do! This dessert flavour from Coil Spill would be great as a sweet way to start the day or an after-dinner treat! With rich caramel, a dusting of Nutmeg, chopped Hazelnuts, and freshly sliced bananas over a stack of fluffy pancakes for a luxurious pancake flavour this caramel and banace e-liquid is surely an amazing treat!


Havana by Coil Spill is a rich sweet tobacco e-liquid mixed with a caramelized hazelnut flavour blended in for a sweet nutty tobacco flavour. It’s a vape juice perfect for the vaping connoisseurs!

Finding the ideal vape juice for your preferences is never simple. Before you discover your one true elixir, it could take several tries with various vape juice flavours and brands. Remember that taste is subjective even though all of the e-liquids we suggest come from reliable manufacturers and have some incredible tastes. Therefore, the best course of action is to start testing some for yourself. We hope that our blog helps you in choosing your perfect e-juice brand. Being the leading vape shop in Pakistan, we offer best vape e-juices in Pakistan along with the most affordable prices just for you!