Best disposable pod device of 2022  | Relx

Best disposable pod device of 2022 | Relx

Relx Infinity Device:

As always Le-vap has brought you one of the best pod devices in Pakistan in the most reasonable price. So if you are planning to invest in something affordable yet durable then this blog about Relx Infinity device is for you and by the end of this read you will going to have a clear choice and that will definitely be this Relx Infinity Device! So without any further delay let’s just jump into the reasoning as to why we call it the best pod device in Pakistan.

Since 2017, RELX has been committed to revolutionizing electronic cigarettes and vaping technology.

They use the most modern production methodologies, allowing them to produce some of the most innovative vaping equipment in the market. RELX’s range of vaping products has cutting-edge technology and stylish designs for the modern vaper and this Relx Infinity device is a great example of this.

From their sophisticated and classic vape equipment to long-lasting battery life, RELX is taking over the throne for the best vape kit in the market.

RELX Infinity Pod Device is an ingenious pod device. Powered by a 380mAh internal battery and chargeable via Type-C charging cable or via the Relx Infinity Wireless Charging Case.

The Infinity device uses the new PRO Pods which are the next generation pods from RELX that are even more smart and stable than the old classic pods and have even better leakage protection and also a more flavorful vape experience than ever. You will be hooked with this device because of its smart functions and performance.

Tired of leakage in your mouth or pocket? Well Relx is the answer if you are hunting for a device that is free from leakage problems. It is even safe and secure in flights as the 11 structural layers of the device will help to prevent internal leaks and condensation for a more secure vaping experience.          

Relx Infinity device comes with a dual charging system, you just have to simply click Relx infinity into place without the hassle of charging cables. Plus the dual charging system comes a symmetric USB-C port.

This ultimate vape pod device has been shaped to fit your lips and to achieve that, they undertook rigorous consumer testing to eliminate air leakage and ensure a comfortable feeling when inhaling. It is definitely an ergonomic design shaped by what users want.

Following are the product specifications of Relx Infinity Device:

  • Leak-Resistant Maze
  • Dual charging system
  • Ergonomic Mouthpiece Design
  • Slim Fit Charging Case
  • Symmetrical Pods
  • SmartPace Vibrate Alert

We won’t be lying if we call it as smooth as a breeze because we are certain that its smoothness is engineered with precision. Over 100 R&D scientists from Relx Lab through 76 sensory tests and adjustments, quantified smoothness through 5 performance indicator, which are as follows

  • Comfortable Temperature

<55 C vapor temperature

  • Optimized Draw Resistance

+- 0.4 tolerance

  • Fast and sensitive activation

0.2 To activate the atomizer

  • Quiet Use

<10 inhalation sound

  • Rich Vapor

6 – 7.5mg total weight of each puff

Relx Infinity Device was the Red Dot winner of the year 2020

About the Red Dot Award: Product Design

Established by prestigious German design association design Zenturm Nordrhein Wastfalen in 1955, the Red Dot Award appraises the best products created every year out of applications from over 60 countries. It is also known as one of the top 4 design awards worldwide. 

Inside the Box:

1 x RELX Infinity Device

1 x Fast Charging Type-C USB Cable

1 x User Manual

The Infinity device and its pods are sold separately.

Remember to select your Pod when you checkout!

So look no further and get your Relx infinity device in Pakistan from Le-vap in the most affordable price comparatively from the market as we believe to deliver supreme quality and service with nominal profits. Order online on our website or visit our store in Lahore to get best deals and maximum discount.

Relx Pod Pro:

Le-vap Pakistan has brought you Relx Pod pro in various yummy and delicious flavor options with 3% nicotine strenghth that will be compatible with Relx Infinity and Relx Essential.

Fresh Red

Garden’s Heart

Tangy Purple

Golden Slice

Dark Sparkle

Fresh Red: (Watermelon and Menthol)

This is a simple yet flavorsome fusion of watermelon with a welcome hint of menthol. It has the perfect sweetness and juiciness of watermelon with a crispy cooling finish.

Garden’s Heart: (Strawberry Ice)

Icey fresh and mildly cooling effect with the prominent notes of sweet and garden fresh strawberries. So fresh that it feels like it was picked straight from a garden. It all begins with a subtle milky note, before the full-bodied flavor of Garden's Heart takes the lead. It feels romantic!

Tangy Purple: (Grape)

A citrusy grape flavor with sweet and tangy notes. Its precise complexity delivers a fresh taste that unfolds slowly, with a lingering fragrance.

Golden Slice: (Mango)

The amazing flavor of ripest and juiciest mangoes for your vaping delight. A pleasant flavor with fragrant aroma takes you to the sunny tropical forest, satisfying your taste buds with sweet and exotic mango.

Dark Sparkle: (Cola)

A perfect and fizzy cola flavor that releases the cooling and aromatic characteristics of one of the world’s favorite drink.

The best choice for your sparkling moments.