2021 – Best Freebase E-Juices/E-Liquids in Pakistan

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2021 – Best Freebase E-Juices/E-Liquids in Pakistan

Freebase nicotine:

Before diving into our topic directly, let’s just have a brief understanding of Freebase nicotine – the purest form of nicotine as compared to the other nicotine options. This one is the most ordinarily used form of nicotine in e-liquids in Pakistan. It delivers strong throat hit that feels a bit harsh as it is much potent in nature but it has the ability to get absorbed in body at more rapid rate.

Freebase nicotine are low in concentration because of the purity of nicotine in it. Devices that are high in power are the best option for freebase e-juices.

Freebase juices can be used in DL (direct to lung) vaping or MTL (mouth to lung) vaping both. Although you have to be careful while selecting nicotine variations for both DL and MTL.

Freebase nicotine e-liquids come in different nicotine variations ranging from 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.

In DL vaping you can opt for 3mg and 6mg while in MTL vaping you can go for 12mg and 18mg. Although people often use 6mg as well in MTL vaping.

Le-vap has the wide variety and numerous options of freebase nicotine e-liquids in Lahore for in-store buying and all over Pakistan via online shopping through our website.

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Best Freebase e-liquids/e-juices in Pakistan of year 2021

As year 2021 comes to an end, we decided to bring you the list of our best-selling e-liquids in freebase nicotine that has raised our sales and gave us returning customers. We are overwhelmed by the response and competition we got to see among the juices mentioned below and few other juices from our website. It was surely a tough competition but following are the e-juices that has got the title of “Best-selling freebase nicotine e-liquids of year 2021 in Pakistan by Le-vap”

  • VGOD Purple Bomb
  • Grumpy Old Bastard
  • Ohmboy Mango
  • Bole Bolu
  • Cloud Express off the rails

VGOD Purple Bomb:

We have no doubt as to why this fruity e-liquid is ranked at top of the best-selling list. Even if you’re not a grape lover you will start loving grapes after trying this fruity e-juice which is a power punch of fresh and succulent grapes. This VGOD purple bomb has full spectrum of grape flavors, perfectly combined sweetness of grapes with the authentic flavors of concord grapes that for sure make your taste-buds want more of it while providing fruity e-juice lovers a treat they would enjoy as all-day-vape. Definitely a must have for all fruity e-liquid lovers in Pakistan.

Grumpy Old Bastard:

You would want to ditch all your favorite dessert or even fruity e-juices for this one. Yes! It’s this good! With every drag it will make you fall for it and you crave for more. Your taste-buds will explode with the rich and creamy flavors of butterscotch and cream. While you are enjoying the divine flavors of rich and heavy cream in your mouth, it will surprise your taste buds with its succulent caramel flavors that for sure is a combo no can resist. Enjoy it as your all-day-vape or combine this with hot cup of cappuccino with some freshly baked cookies in the relaxed sunday afternoon.

Ohmboy Mango:

You will be amazed how a single fruit e-liquid can be this delicious and flavorful. It possess all the layers of flavors that a mango has. The tropical notes of mango will instantly lift your mood and takes you on the ride around the tropics. This is definitely a favorite choice of all fruity e-juice lovers in Pakistan who wants to enjoy having mangoes all around the year. This has exactly the same flavors of juicy and pulpy mangoes that satisfy your mango cravings off season while giving you satisfying nicotine rush and that’s it doesn’t stay longer on our shelves.

Bole Bolu:

Who doesn’t love bananas in desserts? Well, we definitely do! And because it is in our best-selling list so it makes it evident that majority of you do and it has become one of the best e-juice in Pakistan. This combo in e-liquid is a dream-come-true for all vapers. Scrumptious taste of classic Indonesian dessert which is a perfect combination of sweet and ripe bananas with nutty pound cake and cream. Feel the yummy notes of banana on inhale and smooth and creamy flavors on exhale. This one has to be the best e-juice in Pakistan and ultimately best-selling e-liquid of Le-vap. Get it in most affordable price by Le-vap Pakistan.

Off the Rails:

One of the best e-juice in Pakistan is this amazing dessert flavor that Le-vap has brought on huge demand, no wonder it is one of the most best-selling e-juice of 2021. It is filled with authentic flavors of fluffy donut with velvety smooth and creamy chocolate icing. It can undoubtedly soothe your 3am donut cravings with its rich and gooey donut flavor notes with satisfying nicotine rush.

Above are the best e-juices of 2021 that got us an amazing response and we are truly glad with the feedbacks we got on them. These are available here in different nicotine variants and in different bottle sizes, so look no further and get your hands on the most affordable e-juices in Pakistan.

Other than these, Le-vap brings you the wide range of best e-juices in Lahore and in Pakistan in the most affordable prices. Le-vap e-liquids are 100% original and of high quality and meets all the desires of vapers.