10 Best Vape E-Juice Brands in Pakistan [Updated List 2022]

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10 Best Vape E-Juice Brands in Pakistan [Updated List 2022]

There are undoubtedly various flavors and brands of e-liquid juices to pick and choose from according to your personal preferences and taste. From menthol to fruity to tobacco to candy and to other complex flavor blends, there is a choice for all kinds of vapers out there! The confusing part is deciding which brand and which specific e-liquid you want to buy because of the huge variety.

To make things easier for you, we curated a list of best vape juices in Pakistan based on their quality, reliability and also great feedback from our vaping community.

Pop Vapor

There is a reason why Pop Vapor is considered to have the best vape e-juices in Pakistan and is ranked at the top in our list. Its e-liquids are tremendously popular in the vaping community due to the diversity and exceptional flavor profiles. If you are looking for fruity and sweet flavors then your hunting stops right here as Pop Vapor has some of the most remarkable flavors that will be a perfect choice for your taste buds! The Pop Vapor e-liquid in Peach Gummies and Blue Raspberry Hard Candy flavors are considered to be a classic and are favorites by our customers and they keep coming back for more! Le-vap brings you a range of eliquid flavors from Pop Vapor in the most affordable vape prices in Pakistan.


The second-best vape e-juice in our list, Solace vapor has a range of award-winning e-liquid flavors waiting to be experienced by you! Specializing in Nicotine Salt technology, Solace vapor is well-known for its smooth fusion of highly concentrated nicotine making it the perfect choice for heavy vapers to satisfy their nicotine cravings. Solace vape juice has a variety of flavors from icy and minty to ice cream to even coffee flavored notes that will take your vaping experience to the next level. Their fan favorite Vanilla Bean flavor is guaranteed to curb both your late-night sweet tooth and vape cravings. And not to miss the Solace Strawberry flavor with a perfect blend of fresh strawberries and sweet candy, giving you a euphoric knock with every exhale. 


Existing in the vaping industry for for over a decade now, Frumist is rated as the third best in our list for its versatility. Frumist e-juice currently stocks more than hundred exceptional flavors including menthol, cider, coffee, fruits, candy, desserts and so on, giving you a huge selection to choose from! Whether you’re a veteran vaper or a newbie to the vaping world looking for free based nicotine products, Nicotine salts or zero nicotine, Frumist ejuice will have a flavor that will exactly suit your type, cravings and your mood! How fantastic is that? All the Frumist flavor vape juices are thoroughly tested for their quality and standard making it one of the most exceptional brands out there.


Beyond vape is one of the promising brands in the vaping industry delivering top quality and innovative products including premium quality e-juice flavors. The reason why Beyond vape e-juice is on our list of top ejuice brands is because it is constantly on its feet staying ahead of the shifting trends and new technological modifications. They recently introduced their palatable and delicious new range of e-liquids created by the award-winning IVG in a 70VG/30PG ratio which is primarily recommended for sub-ohm vapers. If you’re a lover of fruits and vaping then you just got lucky as they recently launched exciting new flavors just for you! With fruits including kiwi, melon, apple, watermelon and fresh berries, the vaping experience will take you on a blissful summery ride leaving you crave for more.


With bold and alluring e-juice flavors, Daze made it to our list because of the tempting e-liquids that it has to offer in the market. From their succulent and juicy apple flavor to their sugar candies, this brand precisely knows what the taste buds want! Are you looking for flavors that would make you feel as if you’re having an actual fruit? Then Daze has created flavors just for you as their legendary flavors include complex flavor notes like that of real fruits making your experience all the better! Every Daze ejuice is delicately handcrafted with maximum attention-to-detail and high quality ingredients for you to enjoy. Their Red Apple’s ICED is considered a classic and one of the best Daze e-juice flavor with an icy element of menthol for freshness and a burst of flavor profile.


If you are one of those people trying to quit smoking and searching for a healthy alternative then look no further as BLVK created e-juice flavors just for you! This is a premium e-juice company bringing top vaping experience to the vaping community and is one of our favorites. BLVK ensures to find the perfect formula in helping you to make the ultimate switch and satisfy your cravings with powerful and rich flavor combinations. BLVK e-juice vape flavors come in a huge variety including tangy fusion of Apples and Grapes, Lemon and Tangerines, Passion grape and ice and Kiwi Pom Berry and Strawberries.

Juice Head

Juice Head vape e-juice flavors are the kind that that you will never forget. This brand gives you the chance to experience the tastiest fruit flavors all day long leaving a sweet taste in your mouth without overloading your taste buds and at the same time giving you a euphoric feeling making you imagine as if you’re having a chilled drink in the middle of summer besides a pool. Juice Head offers a remarkable list of collections including Juice Head Classic, Juice Head Salts and Juice Head FREEZE, delicately handcrafted by expert mixologists. This brand has won several awards due to its authenticity and well-balanced vape juice making it one of our personal favorites. Juice Head e-liquid in Pakistan is available at Le-Vap in best prices in the market making it affordable for you.


This brand has been quite popular since it first got introduced in the vaping world. VGod vape juice flavors come in a variety ranging from tobacco to fruity. The reason why this brand is widely popular among vapers and is also recommended by us is because of the delectability of their e-liquids. VGod makes e-juices for both MTL (Mouth to Lung) and Sub Ohm vapers. Their Blue Dream and VNGEL are considered to be two of their best sellers. Whether you are looking for an e-liquid for cloud-chasing or a smoker trying to quit, VGod has everything to offer to you. Talk about versatility!

Ripe Vapes - VCT

Ripe Vapes - Vanilla Custard Tobacco or VCT features an authentic and fine tobacco followed by warm vanilla notes and with a hint of toasted almonds for a nutty note, its aim is to please distinguished smokers. This one of a kind concoction stands out as a best-seller in the market discerning it from your ordinary tobacco flavor. The delicate balance of tobacco and vanilla is surely to give you an ultra-smooth vaping experience leaving you desire it even more, which is why this is one of our favorites! At Le-vap you will find VCT e-liquid price to be the most affordable for you.

Cloud Express Vape Co

At last but not the least we have Cloud Express Vape co. The reason why this brand is one of our favorites is because of its wide range of flavors for you to choose from, satisfying your all sorts of cravings. The moment you inhale any of their flavor blends, the taste is surely going be unforgettable. Cloud Express e-liquid flavors are so good they’d make you want to purchase all of the flavors that they have to offer. The satisfaction that immediately seems to come from any of the juices as soon as you fill them in your mod will make you wonder why you didn’t get them earlier for yourself. The flavors are perfect for when you want to just sit back and relax and they will make you keep coming back for more.

We hope that the list above helps you in choosing your perfect e-juice brand. Being the leading vape shop in Pakistan, we offer best vape e-juices in Pakistan along with the most affordable prices just for you!